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Monday, 18 November 2013

Club Penguin Golden Puffle Walkthrough

A new species of puffles has been discovered.Watch the video for walkthrough :)

This species of Puffle is kinda cute.Did yo like it?I love my new puffle.


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Takeover Walkthrough

 Hey penguins!Its finally here!The Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam is here!When you log-in,you will see McKenzie and Brady welcoming you.Click Let's Surf!

 When you click on it,you get these items everyday you log-in.This is the best part of this party!For today we have two items we can collect.The Ukulele and Electro Hat.
      First,lets go get the Ukulele.You can do that by clicking on Go there!
                          Wow such a beautiful place.Perfect place for building sand castles.
       Don't forget to get your Ukulele.You can do that by clicking the booth at the Dock.
                                                                       Click on Collect.
                                                        This is how it looks like on my playercard.
        There is even a catalog for this party.Click on this book to check it out.
                                 This catalog contains movie themed clothing and cheats.
                                    Be sure to buy these amazing surfboards and motorbikes.
                                                 Click on the headlight of the this red motorbike.
                                                             To get the old grass skirt.
                                                         I love these party catalogs.
                                                                    Click on the Tanner.
                                                                  To get Shady Shades .
                 Click on these surfboards with arrows to go back to the items collection menu.
                                                 Click on Go there on the Retro Hat surfboard.
                                                             Wow!I love this place!
                       Click on the booth located in the Snow Forts to get the Retro Hat.
                                                                     Click on Collect.
                                       This is how it looks like on my playercard.
                              There's even a restaurant called Big Momma's in the same location.
                        This is the room where McKenzie and Brady perform every 18 minutes.
                                                     This room is a Member only room.
                              When McKenzie and Brady perform,click on them to get a background.
                                                                        Click Yes.
                                              You can go surfing by clicking these kind of boards.
                                                                  Keep on surfing.
Do you like this party?I love it!The only drawback is that it doesn't have a minigame.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Herbert Threatens Us

Hey penguins!On Herbert's website,left us a message.
Oh no!Will Herbert try to invade Club Penguin once again?I'm scared.

Everyday Phoning Facility Construction Completed Part 1

Hey penguins!Construction at the Everyday Phoning Facility has been completed.Let's go check it out.
                              Wow!The Everyday Phoning Facility looks so amazing!
                                                          Now lets check out EPF HQ.
                                  But the EPF construction has not been completed.
Do you like this new updated?I do.

Monday, 19 August 2013

August 2013 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

Hey Penguins! Club Penguin released the latest edition of the Penguin Style Catalog for this month!
                                        On the left page,the top two backgrounds are brand new.
                                The clothing items for everyone page has not been updated.
                                               So this page one of this month's fashions.
                                      For the first secret,click on the girl penguin's flipper.
                                                       To get the Floral Bikini
                                                     Here is page 2 with no secrets hidden.
                                                        This is page 3 with old items.
                                                     Click on the boy penguin's left foot.
                                                         To get the Black Top Sneakers.
                                                       This is page 4 of the catalog.
                                            Click on this part of the Blue Star Swimsuit.
                                                      To get the rare Hawaiian Shirt.
                               This month's Penguins At Work is Lifeguard Job.
I love the new summer fashions!Thanks Club Penguin!

New Club Penguin Pin! Calculator Pin Location

A new Club Penguin pin has been added to Club Penguin.It is currently located at the Beacon (the lighthouse rooftop).Click on it.
                                              You have found a Calculator Pin.
                                              Would you like to pick it up?
                                                           Click Yes.